Anonymous for the Voiceless

This is a link to a website to a well known Vegan outreach group Anonymous for the Voiceless

I highly recommend to go to one of their outreach sessions.

Learn a thing or two about the industries that provide you animal flesh,
they have lots of info about the horrors of the animal industries plus they have footage.

You'll usually find them in a cube formation with the volunteers wearing anonymous masks holding signs that says "Truth" or tv screens that display horrific animal footage.

(I know "flesh" sounds weird than meat but that's basically what meat is, animal flesh.
You just don't adress meat as flesh since that'll sound weird, right?)

Joey Carbstrong

This is a link to Joey Carbstrong's Youtube channel

Joey Carbstrong is one of the many examples of Vegan activists on Youtube.
There's a lot of footage of him debating with people who are not Vegan or are against Veganism and if you watch a couple of videos, I hope you begin to question animal cruelty.